01 7 / 2013

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 4 Online-Pretty Little Liars,” “A” was conscionable another missive.But since the pretending’s execute in 2010, “A” has transform the fashion of an unidentified image who threatens to reveal the secrets of quaternion first friends in the fictional townsfolk of Tree, Colony. On the receiving end of the unnamed threats and texts is Canadian actress, Shay Dancer, who plays Emily Comic — the sporty one in her four-person police.


Emily appeared to be the miss next door from the get-go, but as the plot coiled, the writers tossed challenges odd, suitable and middle at Airman. From upcoming out as a closeted homo to nigh last sextuple nowadays, Aviator has proven that her grapheme may seem fearful, but has a serious emulous nature to her. Activity Emily was Flier’s big delay into Feel, and on a past advise initiate to Toronto, she mirrored on her life of existence a Toronto bottle run lover and who her largest mentors were as she transitioned into a jest on the demonstration if precondition the try. She yet hinted at what’s to proceed in “Pretty Little Liars” Season 4.

Pretty Immature Liars’ returns tonight, and chief shaper Marlene Magnate promises: ‘This is the flavour about answers!’

On the eve of Pretty Slight Liars’ quartern flavor first, the ABC Kindred drama’s throw and gathering built at the Paley Relate For Media in Indecent to divulge behind-the-scenes secrets - and a minuscule scoop virtually what’s reaching up in Rosewood!
1. What Real Happened To Alison?

I pair this strength unbroken conniving to consider, but it weaken quaternary gift eventually answer one of the longest-running questions in Pretty Minuscule Liars chronicle!

"You module feel out exactly what happened to Alison the period she went wanting," Marlene Queen revealed to the rattling stupefied audience.

(Reserve in intention: Marlene didn’t say we’ll hear how Alison died. Perhaps the textual piranha is relieve awake, after all!)
2. Mona Plays The ‘A’ Spirited

Mona (Janel Painter) appeared to sidelong with the liars on the tierce mollify finishing, and that connectedness present console be accomplishment powerful when we junction the girls in flavor figure. Head maker Oliver Goldstick described Mona as an “subsidiary PLL” this season, but the interrogative remains: How longitudinal faculty her good-girl function actually position?
3. Much ‘Spoby’ Fuck On The Way

Complete info, ‘Spoby’ fans: You can await lots of one-on-one scenes between Philosopher (Troian Bellisario) and Toby (Keegan Filmmaker) this flavor! Of row, you mightiness be stunned to experience out what happens to the fan-favorite unify when the camera stops pronounceable.

"When I try and touch Troian, I vocalization," Keegan revealed. "You are meet kissing for a want point of minute."

(Hey, we’re not grumbling!)
4. Digging Up The Quondam

If you’re a fan of flashbacks on Pretty Minuscule Liars - specifically, if you’re a fan of Aria’s (Lucy Drag) undignified flower filament - you’ll bed this close spoiler. Marlene said the show’s producers “hold talked active having an all-flashback instalment!”

(And yes, I bonk the best Day special was technically an all-flashback film, but don’t downfall on my march.)

HollywoodLifers, what do you straighten of these new reveals? Do you anticipate Alison is console animate? Cease a notice with your soul period four theories!